Calculate your footprint across all three scopes according to GHG protocol using internal data or industry estimates.


Identify opportunities to reduce your carbon emissions and receive reduction guidelines to help you get started.


Offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting certified carbon reduction projects that align with your sustainability goals.


Communicate and engage your customers, employees and partners while building a culture of sustainability.

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We apply the GHG Protocol

To calculate your footprint, we follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. GHG Protocol provides the world's most used greenhouse gas accounting standards that enable companies to measure, manage and report greenhouse gas emissions from their operations and value chains.

We work closely with you to collect the internal data necessary and calculate your business footprint across Scope 1 and 2 within the GHG protocol. Upon need, we can support in measuring Scope 3 emissions throughout your value chain.

Have a positive impact

Reduce your environmental impact by supporting certified carbon reduction projects globally that are verified by The Gold Standard and the Clean Development Mechanism. Aside from helping prevent climate change, carbon reduction projects have important social and economic benefits for the local communities, such as creating new jobs, developing the local infrastructure, providing opportunities for education, and more.

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