We help companies to prepare for a low carbon future

Our mission is to preserve the planet for future generations.

Every year, 35 billion tonnes CO2 emissions are pumped into the air, making climate change the most urgent challenge humanity has to tackle. Companies have the power to take climate action by managing their carbon footprint and building a culture of sustainability.

We help you to build your roadmap to carbon neutrality

Carbon footprint measurement

Calculate your footprint across all three scopes according to GHG protocol using internal data or industry estimates.

Setting reduction targets

Identify opportunities to reduce your carbon emissions and receive reduction guidelines to help you get started.

Carbon offsetting

Offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting certified carbon reduction projects that align with your sustainability goals.

Stakeholder engagement

Engage and educate your customers, employees and partners while building a culture of sustainability across the value chain.

Who we are

Planet Positive is a carbon management agency with a vision to contribute to global carbon neutrality by 2050. We do that by supporting companies to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint while engaging their customers, employees and partners.

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