Our Story

Planet Positive is run by a team of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs with a vision to help companies to take responsibility for their impact on climate.

As increasingly more consumers and job seekers turn towards companies that are climate-conscious, we decided to create a service that makes it easy to take proactive action towards reducing and offsetting corporate footprint. Since you cannot improve what you can’t measure, we designed a footprint calculator that is easy enough to use and which follows international standards recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We also encourage our clients to offset at least 101% of their footprint in order to be Planet Positive. This way, we support companies that strive to have a positive impact across the whole Triple Top Line – for the Planet, People, and Profit. 

Behind Planet Positive stands a team of sustainability advisors, consultants, scientists, and social impact investors ready to support you in your sustainability journey.

Our Team

Miglė Makuškaitė

Product and BUsiness Management

Elena Salamandic

Sales and Marketing

Alex Gibb

Board Member
Partner, Katalista Ventures

Greta Monstavičė

Board Member
CEO, Katalista ventures

Phil Tulba

Board Member
Founder, Tulba Consulting

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